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~Mystic Blessings~
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Acacia - Psychic awareness, protection
Allspice - Money, luck, healing
Almond - Money, prosperity, wisdom
Aloe Vera - Luck, protection
Anise - Protection, purification, youth
Angelica - Healing, protection, visions
Apple Blossom - Love, friendships
Basil - Love, protection, friendship
Bay - Protection, psychic powers, strength
Bayberry - Money, good luck, peace, harmony, well being
Benzoin - Purification, prosperity
Bergamot - Money, hex-breaking
Blackberry - Money, protection
Black Cohosh - Courage, love, protection
Blessed Thistle - Purification, hex-breaking, protection from negativity
Boneset - Protection, exorcism
Buckthorn - Legal matters, protection, wishes
Burdock - Protection, healing
Calamus - Healing, luck, money, protection
Camphor - To awaken past lives, stimulate psychic awareness
Caraway - Lust, protection, mental powers
Carnation - Protection, strength, healing, vitality
Catnip - Beauty, happiness, love, cat magick
Cedar - Healing, courage, purification, protection, money
Chamomile - Love, money, sleep, meditation
Chickweed - Fidelity, love
Cinnamon - Lust, love, success, power, healing, protection, psychic awareness
Clover - Protection, money, love, fidelity, success, exorcism
Clubmass - Power, protection
Comfrey - Money, safety whilst travelling
Coriander - Health, love
Cyclemen - To draw truth and love
Cypress - Comfort, ease feelings of loss
Damiana - Love, lust, visions
Dandelion - Divination, wishes
Dill - Love, lust, money, protection
Echinacea - Used to strengthen spells
Elecampane - Healing, protection, prosperity, sleep
Eucalyptus - Healing, protection
Eyebright - Mental/psychic powers
Fennel - Healing, protection, purification
Fenugreek - Money
Feverfew - Protection
Flax - Beauty, healing, money, protection, psychic powers
Frankincense - Spirituality, exorcism, protection, consecration
Galangal - Courage, strength
Gardenia - Love, peace, healing, spirituality
Garlic - Healing, lust, protection
Geranium - Fertility, health, love
Ginger - Love, money, success, power
Ginseng - Beauty, healing, love, lust, protection, wishes, luck
Goldenseal - Healing, money
Gotu Kola - Meditation
Hawthorn - Fertility, happiness
Heliotrope - attract money, gain power
Hemlock - Atral projection, purify magickal knives/swords
Hibiscus - Love, lust, divination
Honeysuckle - Money, psychic awareness, memory, power, healing, honesty
Horsetail - Fertility
Hyacinth - Love, protection
Hyssop - Protection, purification
Jasmine - Love, prophetic dreams, money, sleep, love, healing, health, meditation
Juniper - Health, love, protection
Lavender - Love, chastity, peace, sleep, happiness, clairvoyance, protection
Lemon - Longevity, purification, love, friendship
Lemongrass - Lust, psychic powers
Licorice - Fidelity, love, lust
Lilac - Protection, banishing
Lily of the Valley - Peace, harmony, love
Lotus - Spirituality, love, protection
Magnolia - Peace, nature spells
Mandrake - Protection, fidelity, money, love
Marigold - Protection, psychic powers
Mint - Healing, lust, money, protection
Mistletoe - Love, protection, fertility, health, exorcism
Mullein - Courage, exorcism, health, love divination, protection
Musk - Courage, fertility, lust
Myrrh - Spirituality, healing, protection, transformation, consecration
Narcissus - Peace and harmony
Nettle - Healing, lust, protection
Nutmeg - Fidelity, luck, money, health
Onion - Lust, money, protection, prophetic dreams
Orange - Divination, luck, love, money
Orange blossom - Beauty, love
Orris - Love
Pansy - Love, love divination
Parsley - Lust, protection, purification
Passion flower - Peace, sleep, friendship
Patchouli - Fertility, lust, money, protection, divination
Pennyroyal - Strength, protection, divination
Peppermint - Love, psychic awareness, lust, energy
Pine - Healing, protection, fertility, money, exorcism
Plantain - Protection, strength
Plumeia - Love
Primrose - Protection, love
Raspberry - Love, protection
Red Clover - Fidelity, love, money, protection
Rose - Love, health, psychic powers, divination, luck, protection
Rose Geranium - Protection, fertility, love, health
Rosehips - Luck, love, protection, psychic powers
Rosemary - Love, lust, protection, purification
Rue - Healing, mental powers, protection, love
Sage - Wisdom, wishes, animal guides, protection, immortality
Sandalwood - Spirituality, protection, wishes, healing, exorcism
Sarsaparilla - Love, money
Sassafras - Health, money
Scullcap - Fidelity, peace, love
Senna - Love spells
Slippery Elm - To stop gossip
Southern Wood - Love, lust, protection
Spikenard - Good luck, fidelity, health
Strawberry - Love, luck, beauty
Sweetpea - Friendship, courage, strength
Tangerine - Psychic/mental powers
Tea Tree - Healing
Thyme - Courage, healing, love, protection, psychic powers
Valerian - Love, protection, purification
Vanilla - Magickal powers, mental powers, love, lust, rejuvenation
Vervain - Love, protection, purification, peace, money, youth, healing
Violet - Animal guides, wishes, peace, love, luck, lust, protection
Willow - Healing, love, protection, divination
Wormwood - psychic powers, calling spirits, protection, love
Yarrow - Courage, love, psychic powers
Yerba Santa - Beauty, healing, protection, psychic powers
Yucca - Protection, purification

Quick Overview:

Allspice, cinnamon, fennel, laurel (bay), pine, sandalwood, violet, citron, gardenia, lemon balm, myrrh, rose, spearmint, willow, carnation, garlic, lime, rosemary, cedar, mint, pepper, rue, thyme, chamomile, eucalyptus, mistletoe, sage, vervain.

apple, apricot, basil, catnip, chamomile, cinnamon, clove, coriander, dill, geranium, ginger, jasmine, juniper, lavender, lemon, lime, lotus, majoram, mistletoe, orange, orchid, pansy, peppermint, rose, rosemary, spearmind, thyme, vanilla, yarrow.

Basil, cinnamon, cloves, fennel, garlic, holly, ivy, mandrake, marigold, nettle, rosemary, rue, sage, St. John's wort, slippery elm, sunflower, vervain, yarrow.

Wealth and Success
allspice, almond, basil, cedar, chamomile, cinnamon, clove, clover, dill, elder, gag root, ginger, honeysuckle, jasmine, mandrake, mint, myrtle, nutmeg, oak, orange, parsley, pine, sage, vervain.

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