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~Mystic Blessings~
~Candle Colors
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Here are just some idea's these are the colors that are usually used for the spells but if you feel you should use a diffrent color for a spell go right ahead.


- White is a balance of all colors. It is often used to represent the Goddess and symbolises the 'maiden' aspect of the Triple Goddess. It promotes peace, tranquillity, truth, spirituality, purification and sincerity. It can also be used for meditation, contacting spirit guides, increasing psychic awareness and astral travel. White candles are especially useful to have as they can be a substitute for any other colour and can even be as protective as black. Day of the week= Monday.
- This color promotes heath, vigour, logic, creativity, intelligence, confidence and memory. It is connected to divination, wisdom, learning, imagination, clairvoyance, inspiration, concentration and communication.
Yellow is used to symbolise the element Air and the star sign Gemini. Day of the week= Sunday.

- An energising color which connects to attraction, stimulation, control, personal strength, authority, power, encouragement, adaptability, luck, property deals, ambition, career goals, business success, and general success. Orange is linked to the star sign Leo.
- Promotes strength, charisma, charm, confidence, understanding, luck, financial gains. star sign = Virgo
- Emotional love, relationships, romance, friendships, and good-will. Promotes spiritual awakening, healing of the spirit, femininity, honour and morality.
- Gentle strength and joy
- Invigorating, lively color. Connected to blood, sex, birth and death. Also linked with love, passion, fertility, physical energy, survival, strength, courage and enthusiasm. Often used in defensive magick and to increase magnetism in rituals. Symbolises the element Fire. Linked to the sign Taurus and represents the Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess. Also used to represent the God. Day of the week= Tuesday.

- Highly spiritual color, connected to mysticism, inspiration, spirituality, wisdom, purification, ambition, house protection, self assurance, hidden knowledge, success, peace and power. Used in meditation and for aiding higher psychic powers, and sensitivity. Linked to the sign Aquarius.
- Financial goals, business, career strategy and professional growth.

- Intuition, dignity, spiritual shields.

- Energises rituals where immediate action and high level of power or spiritual healing are needed quickly. - Quick changes, exorcism, spiritual healing

- Used to attract money, peace, friendships, favors, balance, and concentration. Eliminates indecisiveness and increases telepathy, intuition and study. Can be used in spells for finding lost items and in protection of household animals and familiars. This color is also linked with the Maiden, the earth, and the star sign of Capricorn.

- Connected to the earth, nature, abundance, fertility, tree and plant magick, physical healing, finance, money, good fortune, luck, ambition, success, love, renewal and balance. Good colour when treating illnesses especially headaches and colds. Green is used to represent the Earth element and is also a Goddess symbol. Star sign - Cancer. Day of the week= Friday

Sea Green
- Emotional healing, protection, calming.
- Awareness, meditation, moon, creativity.
- Wisdom, tranquillity, creativity, peace, inner light, truth, reassurance, inspiration, protection, good fortune, good health, understanding, patience, loyalty, happiness, laughter and fun times. Blue symbolises the element of Water. Star signs - Pisces, Libra.

Silver Blue
- Deep wisdom, intuition, the Moon.

- Telepathy, clairvoyance, the moon, dreams, intuition. Remover of negative energies. Encourages stability. Useful in magick and meditation also in full moon rites; attracts the influence of The Goddess. Some traditions use a silver candle on the altar to represent the Goddess. Star
sign - Sagittarius.
- Dispels or banishes negative energies and influences, used in the reversal of spells. Also used for protection; black absorbs energy (thus the black handle on the Athame). Induces deep meditation. Connects to self control, quiet power, shape-shifting and strength in spells. Star sign - Scorpio. Day of the week= Saturday.

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