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~Mystic Blessings~
~Choosing a Craft Name
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    Most Wiccans choose a Craft name (also known as a magickal name or eke-name). Because Wicca is a new way of life, it is traditional to find a new name that you feel suits you. At birth, we are given names without any personality to base it on. When you choose a Craft name, it will be something very much a part of you, perfectly fitting and comfortable. A name is a symbol of yourself. You should choose a name that fits you just right. It should say something about your personality. And of course, choosing a new name represents the birth of a "new" you as you enter the world of magick, paganism, and the God and Goddess.

Here are some guidelines:

Let your name come to you. If you try to force yourself to come up with a name, you'll only end up with something that sounds nice, but will always seem a little less than fitting. The name that suits you will come along and be just right.

Try thinking of it from this perspective: What would you be, if you weren't a human? An animal? An inanimate object, like a flower or a tree? Or would you be a great body of water, or a torrent of wind and rain, or a mirage in a hot desert? Think of yourself that way and it may help the name form in your mind.

Think about how others see you. Imagine being on the outside, talking to yourself... a little like reflecting your personality so it's more tangible. Then maybe that name will come to you!

Consider your personality. What name would represent your characteristics best? Some witches choose a name that is traditionally connected with magick perhaps from a favorite legend (Beowulf), the Earth (Willow), an animal (RedStag), an element (FireHeart) etc. Some people scry to find there names ShadowHalk, Windsong, Laughing Panther etc., are mystical names, integrating gifts from elements and animals combined, or the essence of two animals together. You should be very careful when choosing a name because if you change it confuses the hell out of people who are used to you with one name and then you tell them another.

Ways to choose your name: Take out a piece of paper and write the following on it at the top of the page "My magickal name should stand for the following strengths" leave several spaces then right "This name should have the characteristics of the following deities, plants, animals, elements, personalities."

Begin answering these questions but dont feel you have to come up with a name right away over the next few days or weeks keep adding info to the page. My name Mysty Moon just came to me, also sometimes another name comes to you maybe when your meditating, the goddess or the god gives you a special name only for you to know keep this one to yourself the goddess gave me a name and thats the one I use in my rituals

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