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~Mystic Blessings~
~Love & Relationship sPells
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These are some Love & Relationship sPells they are not to be used to get that hot guy in your math class there more for other stuff

Some beautiful love & relationship spells I found on 




To stop have feelings for someone by Juniper

* red candle

Light it and say:

'You were once my hearts desire
a look from you set me on fire
but your space in my heart has been sold
I kick your ass into the cold
you live your life, I'll live mine,
but no longer will our paths entwine
take your key from out my heart
and on good terms shall we depart'


To Become Open To New Relationships by Juniper

*A Pink Candle

*Sunflower Oil

*A Piece Of Rose Quartz

Inscribe the pink candle with your name, then anoint the candle and the rose quartz with the sunflower oil. Light the candle, and hold the stone in your hands, and visualize a relationship coming your way, and new love forming. Chant 3 times:

'Open mind, and gain new life, Gone from you, all stress and strife. Open heart, gain life anew, Accept all love thats offered you. Positive thought and word and deed, Enter now of bane Im freed. Ancients, hear me grant my plea, To new relationships, open me'  Place the stone by the candle and leave it there until the candle burns all the way down. Carry the stone with you



Make love last by Juniper
*seven small stones (doesn't matter what kind of stones)
* cup of tarragon leaves
* a box
On the night of a new moon
Find yourself a quiet place in your house near a window. Place the stones clockwise in a circle around yu while thinking of your lover. Sprinkle the tarragon around in the opposite way of clockwise. Repeat:
'Solid to the right, strenght is on the left
Our love will stay with the power
Of this Magic Hour'
Stay in the circle, concentrating on how happy you will be in love. Leave the circle overnight and collect the stones and tarragon in the morning and keep them in a box under your bed.


To stop romantic feelings by Juniper
Think of the person you no longer want to have feelings for.
Think of all the reasons
that back up your decision.
Write this person's name on a small slip of paper.
Cross out the name with deliberation. Say:
You no longer hold a special place in my heart.
You are not the right person for me.
I will bury my feelings for you here & make a fresh start.
Bury this bit of paper & all your feelings about this person outside under a waning moon.

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