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~Mystic Blessings~
~Making Spells
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Making Spells

Making your own spells is much easier than you might think. The bonuses are that you don't have to spend ages searching for the ingredients you may need for a spell, they're likely to be more powerful because more of your personal energy has gone into making them, and you'll find it easier to understand what exactly is going on when you cast a spell.
What follows is a rough guide to creating your own spells:

1. Take time to think about your aim for the spell. You may think you know already but it's very easy to get it wrong. If you look around on the net and in books you can find quite a few examples of spells that have gone off in completely the wrong direction because they hadn't thought it through properly. Make sure your aim is reasonable enough. There are some things that are just beyond our capability of creating change. I think you know the sort of thing i'm talking about! Making your own spells requires a level of maturity, and you must take responsibility for anything you do...oh and I don't think I have to remind you about the Wiccan Rede ;)

2. Once you have determined your goal, take a piece of paper and write it out clearly. Look through each word carefully and alter anything that needs changing until you?re completely comfortable with it.

3. Beneath that write out any herbs/stones/symbols/candle colours/gods and goddesses attributed to your specific NEED. A list of various correspondences can be found all over the internet (some better than others) and in books.

4. Then write out which of these herbs/stones etc you have with you.

5. The rest is just a case of stringing together what you have, along with a simple chant or prayer, strongly visualizing your intent and imagining yourself achieving the goal. Visualization is the key point when doing any spell work. It simply won't happen if you don't visualize. The link has to be made.

6. Choose the right time to perform your spell. Day or Night? What day of the week? What moon phase? Take all into consideration - but don't worry if can't perform your spell at the perfect time - often it just isn't practical.

7. When performing your spell, make sure you are free from all distractions. If there is any chance of being interrupted then you'll find that you won't be able to relax and this could affect the outcome of your spell.

8. When creating a chant or prayer to use in your spell its usually better if it rhymes, the key is to make it connect to your subconscious mind, rhyme or some kind of rhythm and repetition is a really good way of doing this. Again, think carefully about the wording, try and use positive words instead of negative ones, e.g. instead of saying 'I need to be free from illness and disease' you could say 'I need to be strong and healthy'. The reason for this is that your subconscious mind will linger on the negative words instead of concentrating on the actual meaning of the sentence.

9. At the end of your spell, use the phrase 'For the good of all and the harm of none, so mote it be!' This is a 'safety-device', if ya will, just to make sure that the outcome of the spell will be good to everyone.

10. It's usually a good idea to set a time for a result. If you ask for a new stereo and you don't set a time then you could end up getting it ten years later. See what I mean?

11. Raise power. As with all spells, if you don't raise the power you're near enough achieving nothing. There are several ways to raise power. The easiest way is to tense up all the muscles in your body until they gets uncomfortable to hold, then quickly release the muscles and at the same time visualize your body pushing out the energy, the intent,out to the place it is needed. Other ways are to use clapping, drumming, dancing, getting faster and faster, or louder and louder and ending with a fall to the floor (if you?re dancing) or a loud boom on the drums, and using the same sort of visualization. By the way, if you?re doing the tensing up the muscles method you might want to do some stretches first!

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